NOVEMBER 14, 2020 6pm cst

Farm & Vine Presents
Urbani Truffles & DeBragga

Savour the exquisite flavors of this culinary diamond with the world's best beef!

Gastronomic Nirvana Package for Two $599.00


2oz Medium Sized Alba White Truffles
Truffle Shaver
3oz White Truffle Butter
12oz DeBragga A5 Japanese Waygu Strip
Fresh Italian Tajarin Pasta

Boisset Grand Cru Pairing

**Limited Grand Cru Quantities!

Boisset Custom Curated Pairing

Contact Sherry Perra directly to create your own perfect pairing!

Please note: Due to liquor laws, you will be charged in two separate transactions for your exclusive wine and gourmet box experience.

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