Farm & Vine Presents

Boutique of the Sea

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Dinner for Two $260

3 Lbs Large Stone Crabs
1 1/2 Pint Stonie Sauce
1 Lb Yellowfin Tuna (1 steak)
2 EDBL Mallets, 2 Cocktail Forks & 2 pair chopsticks

*Substitute Large for Colossal Claws $70

Dinner for Four $450

6 Lbs Large Stone Crabs
2 1/2 Pint Stonie Sauce
2 Lb Yellowfin Tuna (2 steaks)
4 EDBL Mallets, 4 Cocktail Forks & 4 pair chopsticks

*Substitute Large for Colossal Claws $130

Dinner for Six $625

9 Lbs Large Stone Crabs
3 1/2 Pint Stonie Sauce
3 Lb Yellowfin Tuna (3 steaks)
6 EDBL Mallets, 6 Cocktail Forks & 6 pair chopsticks

*Substitute Large for Colossal Claws $190

Boutique of the Sea Pairing – $257.60 member price

Please note: Due to liquor laws, you will be charged in two separate transactions for your exclusive wine and gourmet box experience.

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